Wood Floor Cleaning & Re-Coating


Wood floors are beautiful and durable, making them a popular choice of flooring in both commercial and residential locations. However, over time wood floors can lose their beauty if they are not maintained and refinished properly. The benefits to regularly scheduled professional cleaning and refinishing coating of your wood floors is first to keep your floor’s appearance level at it’s best all the time and second to eliminate the need to ever have to go through the 3-4 day hassle and expense of re sanding your floor.

Clean Interiors proudly provides wood floor cleaning and re-coating services to the entire Pittsburgh area.

What can you expect?

Our Professional Hardwood Maintenance systems will properly clean and provide a new protective coating to your wood floor. It will protect and add value to your investment of hardwood flooring. The cost to replace or sand and finish your hardwood floor is very expensive and disruptive. Proper maintenance and recoating will add years to your floor. It will add beauty to tired looking floors and bring back the luster to the floor. It will do this without the usual dust and long term odor associated with traditional recoating methods. We will provide you with a product and service that is unmatched in the hardwood floor industry. Call one our Customer Service Representatives today to schedule a free on-site inspection by one of our Wood floor Specialist to see if your floor is a good candidate for our services.


Our floor cleaning services for Pittsburgh homes and businesses include:

  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Vinyl Tile Strip and Wax
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Laminate Floor Cleaning