Should we buy a colorful carpet?

Pittsburgh has a conservative culture. I’m talking in terms of lifestyle, architecture, and entertainment. I’ve lived here my entire life, and I’ve seen the difference between my fair city and other cities in the US and around the world.
So, for example, when I think of decorating my home, I’m not going to go for loud, bold colorful carpet choices. I love color, but my use of color is balanced with other neutral elements. And that’s typical of many homes and businesses in Pittsburgh.

So imagine my surprise walking through the newly remodeled Union Trust Building today, and seeing this:

I absolutely love it. The bold choice of a royal blue/indigo/purple combination (or whatever color a designer would refer to it as) with fuscia upholstery accents. You walk into this building from the street, and feel “wow.” Colorful and inviting. Bold yet tranquil. And comfortable to walk on too.

The limestone walls and floor, with the bronze trim, is the perfect canvas to introduce any color. Going with a bold color choice turned this from another old (yet amazingly beautiful, of course) downtown building into a cosmopolitan corridor.
So never be scared of a bold colorful carpet choice… Or to be more accurate, I should say in your rug choice. Consult an interior designer if you’re not sure if your color choice will harmonize with your existing structures.
And after you buy your beautiful bold new carpet or rug, what do you do when there is some kind of spill or “accident” on it? Especially if it is a wool carpet?

First thing:  Do NOT use Resolve to fix that spot.  That’s where we, at Clean Interiors, come in. Call us or email us with any questions regarding carpet maintenance. And we are happy to provide an estimate for carpet cleaning.
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