The first reason why is because Dan is highly allergic to soaps. I can’t use most store-bought detergents in our laundry even, so I mostly use a truly organic product I order online (I can tell you more about that in person). Tide gives him hives so bad he needs to see a doctor for steroids.
Dan can also be extremely affected by certain chemical odors. The #1- selling professional carpet cleaning detergent booster contains a solvent made from oranges… which although it may sound like a natural product, the vapors make him extremely ill. So keep in mind that just because many products may be labeled “green” or sound like they’re natural, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for humans or pets. (Remember, you can call arsenic natural but you sure don’t want to be around it.)
So we use safe cleaning products because we need to for our own health and yours.
But can “green” really clean? This is how the Carpet & Rug Institute defines their green certification process for carpet cleaning products: “We start with the premise that if it doesn’t clean, it can’t be green. A product first of all has to work on carpet. Then if it passes through that screen, we determine if it’s green. And we are absolutely convinced you can have both.”
What if a carpet is just too dirty to use a green product? We will use, with your approval, a more traditional carpet cleaning product that is safer than many on the market. We like to use it because it contains no butyls or other harsh solvents and it doesn’t make Dan ill.