Pittsburgh Rental Carpet Cleaning:  Move Out or Move In

Need your apartment cleaned now that its time to move in or out?    Does your landlord require a professional Pittsburgh rental carpet cleaning for your carpets?  Or are you the landlord, and the last tenant left the carpet in less-than-perfect shape?

We are happy to help you with your cleaning, and we do everything we can to use products that are safe for the carpet and safer for the environment.  But if the carpets have serious soiling from lack of maintenance, the choice is to either use something more aggressive to clean it or throw it in a landfill.

Reasons to take good care of your landlord’s carpets:
  • Carpet is very expensive and you want your deposit back.

  • Destroying your carpet is bad for the environment.  Carpet is a plastic product (aka made from oil).

If a carpet has to be replaced every time a new tenant moves in, instead of lasting seven or ten years like a normal apartment carpet, there is a greater demand for oil and it adds more plastic junk in our landfills.  Not to mention the very harsh and sometimes toxic products that carpet cleaners have to use as a last resort to try to clean a destroyed carpet.

Pittsburgh Carpet Cleaning