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carpet cleaning pets pittsburgh carpet cleaning pittsburgh

We love our pets; we love them like family.  But our dogs and cats do make mistakes sometimes — and other times they can be just plain misbehaving!   Most companies in Pittsburgh offer “pet odor control,” but we offer “pet odor and stain removal”  —  removing the unwanted pet urine and odors, bringing a breath of fresh air to your home.

Can we 100% guarantee that we can remove the odors?  Yes and no.  Why do we say that?  As long as you are keeping the culprit (puppy or kitty) in the home, we can’t guarantee that they won’t do it again.   But we can guarantee that you will be happy with your freshly cleaned carpet or upholstery.  We can also guarantee that we will not clean your fine things in a way that will be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Some cleaners will tell you that carpet cleaning will disinfect your carpet– but you can’t truly disinfect a textile.   In fact, the high heat and water from carpet cleaning can provide the bacteria and others nasties the exact environment they need to grow.   So what can be done?

Urine is acidic as it comes out, but as the bacteria grows it changes the urine to alkaline.  Most carpet cleaning products are alkaline, and that’s why the spots are not going away when you try to do it yourself — in fact you could just be setting the stain more.  We clean with a carpet-safe low-pH cleanser to remove the urine, and a product that kills the bacteria.  We can saturate the infected area with the anti-bacterial product and then extract it with a specialized tool, or inject a bacteria-eating enzyme product into the pad.