When it comes to carpet cleaning in Pittsburgh, even a carpet that appears to be not too dirty is filled with hidden dirt. That’s not a bad thing — as long as you hire a carpet cleaner once a year or so — because carpet acts as a filter in your home, trapping airborne dust and dirt.

Vacuuming helps to take out the trapped dirt, but you really need to have it “washed.” I like to think of it this way: Imagine placing a nice white t-shirt on the floor and walking on it every day for six months… is running the vacuum over it going to make it clean like new? It needs the washing machine!

So realize that even if you think your carpet isn’t dirty, it is — that’s just how carpet works. In fact, that’s why carpet manufactures require you to have your carpet professionally cleaned every year in order to keep your warranty valid.

Carpet manufacturers are starting to tie their carpet warranties to the use of green chemicals. “The six largest carpet manufacturers in the United States, including Shaw, Mohawk and Bolyu, have independently decided to tie their carpet warranties to the exclusive use of CRI Seal of Approval cleaning chemicals and equipment,” says CRI’s Braun.

So yes, you should get your carpets cleaned regularly! It’s good for your carpets and for your health.