Well, obviously I’m going to say: “Hire Clean Interiors!” But here’s some things you should be aware of before hiring any Pittsburgh carpet cleaner:

You may have seen local news exposes about shady carpet cleaners who paint the rest of us in a bad light. Because of this, consumers in Pittsburgh, like yourself, need to be cautious about who they have into their home, and the quality of their professionalism. Clean Interiors has a reputation both privately and professionally as being up-front and honest… that’s just who we are.

An honest and professional Pittsburgh carpet cleaner will not give you a really cheap price over the phone, only to raise it enormously when they come to do the service. An honest and diligent Pittsburgh carpet cleaner will respect your home, your possessions, and your privacy. A truthful and reputable Pittsburgh carpet cleaner will clean your carpets with the proper products and procedures for the type of cleaning you are paying for.
Check out reviews of who you are thinking of hiring (Google Places is a great resource) and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

And by all means call Clean Interiors for your Pittsburgh carpet cleaning!