Interesting carpet journal…. Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you have ever been to Ann Arbor, you may know that Domino’s Pizza and bison go together. 

This is what I understand of the story:  The founder of Domino’s Pizza, a Mr. Monaghan, was (or, I should say, is), a unique fellow.   On a large piece of property he built a vast office complex that gives props to Frank Lloyd Wright, a Catholic Church, and a bison farm.  The bison, as majestic American plain beasts, were to complement the majestic American architectural icon. 

My visit here was to accompany my sister for an appointment in the medical office building located at Domino Farms Office Park. 

Look at the custom carpet – how cool is that!?

We do not service Ann Arbor, however, if you have carpet cleaning needs in Pittsburgh, give us a call or email.  At Clean Interiors, we are always happy to help. 

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