Carpet Protector One-Year Limited Warranty

For reasons why you should consider having carpet protector applied after your next carpet cleaning  Below is what is information about our carpet protector warranty.

If you have your carpet or upholstery cleaned and protector applied by Clean Interiors, we have the following carpet protector warranty for one year from the date of the application:

If the treated carpet/upholstery becomes stained from water or oil-based products during normal household use, and these spots cannot be removed by following the “Stain Removal Procedures” below, Clean Interiors will refund the price you paid for the protector. Upon receipt of reimbursement, this warranty is null and void.

Stain Removal Procedures: 1) Use the spotting agent provided by Clean Interiors, and follow the labeled instructions. 2) If the spot does not fully respond, contact Clean Interiors for further instructions.

To Qualify: Keep the stamped warranty certificate along with original record of paid service (digital format), and notify us within 3 days of spill occurrence.

Exclusions: 1) Normal or general soiling from everyday use. 2) Upholstery used in rental or commercial facilities. 3) Stains caused by bleach, corrosives, acne medicines, dyes, inks, abuse, vandalism, flood, fire, natural disasters. 4) Pet urine or other stains of a repetitive nature.

We’re happy to give you a quote for having carpet protector applied after your next cleaning.  There is never any pressure or obligation to purchase it.   412-414-3828

At Clean Interiors, customer satisfaction is important to us.  We take the needed time to do every job right.  Especially when it comes to our carpet protector service.  We will apply an appropriate amount of protector depending on the type of carpet fibers.  And different premium carpet protectors are used depending on the type of carpet:  polyester, Triexta, nylon, or wool.  Please give us a call or send an email with any questions you may have.

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